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Guangdong TV Guangdong New Focus Report -- Dongguan Weiqing Electronics Co., LTD

Edit:Dongguan Weiqing Electronics Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-11

        Recently, at the 21st China international high-tech achievements fair held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, dongguan weiqing electronics co., LTD., as the outstanding enterprise representative of dongguan songshan lake, appeared at the exhibition.

Yang cainan, deputy general manager of dongguan weiqing electronics co., LTD., said, "the own-brand WQC of weiqing electronics has been widely used in the market and has been well received by customers, especially the upgraded products of CBB capacitor series and the high-end products of resonant capacitor produced by weiqing electronics."

It is understood that dongguan weiqing electronics co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in guangdong province. Mainly r & d, production of film capacitors and safety capacitors. All series products have obtained global VDE; ENEC; UL. CB. KC. CQC certification; All the factories have passed ISO and 14000 system certification. Its products are widely used in various electronic power supply control board and industrial control and other fields. At present, the brand of weiqing can be seen in various fields of the global electronics industry, and "WQC" has also become a well-known brand in the capacitor industry. In the future, weiqing will continue to use imported raw materials and advanced automatic production lines, with the strictest production control to become the world's best capacitor as the goal of continuous progress.