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Weiqing Electronics 2017 New Delhi Lighting Exhibition, India

Edit:Dongguan Weiqing Electronics Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-10-10

Weiqing Company is an innovative and fast-growing company. Founded in May 2010, Weiqing is a global capacitor manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has more than 600 employees. Capacitor products cover communications, home appliances, power supplies, green lighting, computers, automotive electronics and industrial control, etc., the main products include X safety capacitors, CBB film capacitors, Y safety capacitors, ceramic capacitors, monolithic capacitors, stickers Sheet aluminum electrolytic capacitors, etc., have taken the lead in the domestic market, and the performance of brand products is also quite gratifying.

Weiqing Capacitor is committed to the mission of “making the world's best capacitors” and “building a global safety capacitor company and becoming the leader brand of safety capacitor products”. In the effort to shape the product brand, it is committed to green, harmonious, Low-carbon new life advocates, with the leading technology concept, to provide quality capacitors for demand manufacturers and make unremitting efforts.

Weiqing's concept of employing people: As long as you are a talent, you can make a difference and achievements. We encourage our employees to face difficulties and take responsibility for themselves and the society. Responsibility is the driving force for Weiqing people's development. We welcome employees of different cultural backgrounds to accept new ideas and new things with acceptance and encouragement. Innovation is the prestige. The source of the people's power; we invest heavily in employee training and development, and have prepared a management training program in a targeted manner, aiming to help each employee improve themselves, because we hope that each employee and Weiqing grow together, the speed is Weiqing The posture of people marching forward!