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Do things with responsibility and be grateful.

With the sense of responsibility to do things, with gratiude.

Don't complain, fight on your own;
Not isolated, relying on teamwork;
Not impetuous, solid foundation.

Do not complain,struggle on their own;

Not isolated,relying on teamwork;

Not impetuous, relying on a solid foundation.

Reason for refusal

Making mistakes is not a problem, but looking for reasons

Just give yourself a chance to make the same mistake!

Making mistakes is not the problem,
Out to find reasons is to give yourself a chance to make the same mistake.

It’s not poverty that is shy every day.

It is a tuition fee paid to success.

Cash-strapped is not poor,

Every day is to the success of pay tuition fees.

The saddest person

I can't beat myself .

Most sadly don't best yourself.

Only change your attitude first,

Can change the height of life.

Only to change their attitude,can change the heighit of life.

Dedication to good deeds is the only unbeaten investment.

Virtue benevolence is only undofeated investment.

Efficient time is money, efficiency is life.

Time is money, effciency is life.

Be pragmatic To start a big thing, you must start small things.

To a major event must start from the little things.

Our ultimate goal is the industry's first.

Our ultimate goal is the industry's first.

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