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2018 Shanghai Muni Exhibition

Edit:Dongguan Weiqing Electronics Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-10-15

Weiqing will uphold the concept of being the best capacitor in the world, and provide capacitors for all kinds of machine customers such as green lighting, communication, home appliances, industrial control, automotive electronics, green energy, etc. according to the highest quality and accurate delivery standards. "Solutions, to serve domestic and foreign customers in a more comprehensive way, so that customers get the most satisfactory service.

Weiqing's photo exhibition in Munich

Weiqing Capacitor is committed to the mission of “making the world's best capacitors” and “building a global safety capacitor company and becoming the leader brand of safety capacitor products”. In the effort to shape the product brand, it is committed to green, harmonious, Low-carbon new life advocates, with the leading technology concept, to provide quality capacitors for demand manufacturers and make unremitting efforts.