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Weiqing capacitor manufacturer originated in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1983. It specializes in the research and development and production of film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors. It learns and learns from its advanced technology and production methods from German and Japanese companies.  At the beginning, we focused on capacitor development, design and production, and all products were sold only through agents.

With the opening up of the mainland, from 1993, Weiqing gradually moved advanced production technology, automation equipment and testing instruments to Dongguan, China.  In order to better meet the needs of the Pearl River Delta market in the world's electronic product production base, we will achieve close cooperation between R&D and production.  In 2005, Weiqing moved the entire R&D team from Taiwan to Dongguan, China.

The company has established a factory to produce X2 safety capacitors , metal film box capacitors , chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and in-line aluminum electrolytic capacitors.  The factory has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. All products are in line with EU ROHS six and REACH151 environmental protection regulations.

Weiqing capacitor products are widely used in communications, home appliances, power supplies, green lighting, computers, automotive electronics and industrial control.  The company has continuously invested a large number of fully automated equipment skills to greatly increase production capacity, so that the product quality consistency can be effectively guaranteed, including 6% of engineering engineers in the factory, 10% of quality assurance personnel, and sufficient development capability of the lozenge. And quality assurance capabilities.  At present, the factory has an annual production capacity of 800 million film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors.

Weiqing X2 series safety capacitor products have obtained China (CQC), US (UL), Canada (CSA), Germany (VDE), European Community (ENEC10), Korea (KTL) National Safety Certification and International Electronic Motor Committee CB certification, and all products upgrade IEC60384-14 version, the minimum capacity is 0.001uf maximum 3.3uf, the voltage rises to the highest level 310VAC, temperature 110 degrees, test period 56 days, B grade requirements.

Before 2010, Weiqing relied entirely on agents to sell to demand manufacturers. However, with the development of the times, the direct demand client has put forward higher standards and requirements for us. We hope that our service and R&D personnel will It can work closely with the client R&D team to achieve higher research and development efficiency, faster timeliness and more reasonable overall cost.

Since 2010, Dongguan Weiqing Electronics Co., Ltd. has established domestic sales teams in Dongguan, Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Chengdu and Zhejiang, and established Hong Kong offices and Malaysia offices.

Weiqing will uphold the concept of being the best capacitor in the world, and provide capacitors for all kinds of machine customers such as green lighting, communication, home appliances, industrial control, automotive electronics, green energy, etc. according to the highest quality and accurate delivery standards. "Solutions, to serve domestic and foreign customers in a more comprehensive way, so that customers get the most satisfactory service.